Our flagship 100%-owned Kildare Project is located approximately 40km southwest of Dublin and is comprised of approximately 240km2 of contiguous prospecting licences.

Our focus on the Kildare Project is driven by its similarities to the high grade profitable Irish-Type zinc mines nearby, including:

  • Thick, high grade zones of mineralization
    • 19.89m @ 17.64% Zn+Pb at McGregor
    • 15.65m @ 11.7% Zn+Pb at Shamrock
  • Multiple deposits.  Presently, McGregor and Shamrock 
  • Flat-lying deposits amenable to efficient mining methods 
  • Excellent metallurgical performance – high recoveries, clean concentrates, low energy requirements

Situated within the Rathdowney Trend, within 80km of the famous profitable zinc mines – Lisheen (Resource of ~22Mt @ 14.1% Zn+Pb; 17 year mine life) and Galmoy (Resource of 9.7Mt @ 16.2% Zn+Pb; 12 year mine life) - the Kildare Project is ideally positioned to become another high grade Irish-Type zinc mine.

Within the greater Kildare Project our immediate focus is on the Allenwood Graben which is approximately 8km2.  This area presents a well-constrained, highly prospective, exploration search area which has significant and immediate upside.  

Until ZMI, no company has ever controlled the entire Kildare Project, which presents a unique opportunity to capitalise on extensive data and historical work undertaken over the greater project area.   

The Kildare Project presents a range of other competitive advantages relative to other Irish explorers.  Coupled with an existing resource with considerable scope for growth, and immediate exploration programs targeting additional resources, the Kildare Project is poised to create and deliver significant value.

More details on the Kildare Project can be found in our latest Corporate Presentation



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